Quality Roadside Assistance

We always pray for your safety and wish a safe journey all the time. But some incidents occur although they cause inconvenience. For example, a flat tyer in the middle of a long journey and no assistance is readily available. You may also forget re-fueling when driving on smooth road with your cruise control on. You never know when is the time to change your old car bettery.

For all these unforseen situations, we ensure quality roadside assistance. You simply have to give us a call and we will ensure the right assistance is with you as soon as possible. We can provide you with free wheel change in case of a flat tire, sufficient amount of fuel to take you to the next petrol station and free battery boost. These are some of the essential roadside assistance we ensure that you get with your car insurance.

Reqeust a call back from one of our experts to help you understand this in detail and provide you with the Quality Roadside Assistance.

Bonus with My Car Insurance

Like your car's dashboard where you have all the essential controls within your reach at all times, we have designed our simple and user-friendly dashboard giving you access to all your car insurance related needs. Get access to your policy and its details along with Insurance Companies emergency contact numbers. Request a callback for not-so-important queries and keep track of the status. You can also keep track of your total cashback earned can even redeem it from within the dashboard.

We've launched the first phase where some paperwork is required on your end. But very soon we will eliminate all the hard copies on your end and will make the entire processes 100% paperless. All the tedious task of documentation with the insurance companies will be our responsibility. For you, everything will be from within your own dashboard.

Since we have good reputation within the industry, therefore most of the garages love to be listed with us. This way you will have access to all our partner garages in real time saving you time, resources and money to get the best service.

You can opt to get coverage beyond the UAE with zero additional cost in most of the cases. In a few cases you may be required to pay a little extra to get the best value of this benefit.

In most of the cases you can get this coverage without any additional cost. Enjoy going off-road for adventure with your family and friends and feel covered. In some cases, you may have to pay a little extra for this benefit.

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