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When we say Unmatched Car Insurance Policies, we simply mean that the benefits you get in the policy will be far much better than a the policy you obtain from other than us. It is not because we get some extra features added to the benefits. It is because we ensure that whatever is mentioned in the coverage is delivered to you. There will no ifs and buts at the time of claims.

Not only this, we also are aware of the package deals and understand their combinations best. This way you don't pay for anything that can be included for free. All the tedious work of going through the documentation process and survey, when required, is taken care of by our experts. This frees you from the non-essential tasks and lets you focus on your daily routine.

Since we have already combined the best possible deals and only recommend these, therefore it is assured that the policies and their comparison on our website have already been tailored to deliver all the possible features and benefits to you. Simply go through the comparison chart or ask us to give you a call back. It will be completely our pleasure to assist you.

Bonus with My Car Insurance

Like your car's dashboard where you have all the essential controls within your reach at all times, we have designed our simple and user-friendly dashboard giving you access to all your car insurance related needs. Get access to your policy and its details along with Insurance Companies emergency contact numbers. Request a callback for not-so-important queries and keep track of the status. You can also keep track of your total cashback earned can even redeem it from within the dashboard.

We've launched the first phase where some paperwork is required on your end. But very soon we will eliminate all the hard copies on your end and will make the entire processes 100% paperless. All the tedious task of documentation with the insurance companies will be our responsibility. For you, everything will be from within your own dashboard.

Since we have good reputation within the industry, therefore most of the garages love to be listed with us. This way you will have access to all our partner garages in real time saving you time, resources and money to get the best service.

You can opt to get coverage beyond the UAE with zero additional cost in most of the cases. In a few cases you may be required to pay a little extra to get the best value of this benefit.

In most of the cases you can get this coverage without any additional cost. Enjoy going off-road for adventure with your family and friends and feel covered. In some cases, you may have to pay a little extra for this benefit.

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