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Car has become a necessity rather than a luxury these days. Long roads stretched to kilometers and public transport sometimes cannot be an option. In such cases it becomes nearly impossible to live a normal life without a car. If you have a car, you need it insured. The first thing you want to be assured of and would love to say to yourself is that My Car Insurance is the best car insurance portal. Thankfully that’s the truth. My Car Insurance is in fact the best car insurance portal in Dubai. We say this not only just for the sake of giving a statement. There are a number of features and benefits you get along with priceless education you need to have about the car insurance in UAE. Below are the highlights of our service that will give you the reason to smile and relax.

What's Different?

Let’s be honest with you and avoid over committing on anything. We play a role of your representative with the Insurance Companies in UAE so cannot provide you with any feature that is not offered by all the insurance companies. Now it makes even more sense to ask, “What’s different?”.

In the entire process of Car Insurance, there are two important stages. The first stage gives you the full control on taking the decision, i.e. at the time of choosing the Insurance Company. Unfortunately, the second stage leaves you with no second option. Either you pay some or all the hidden costs or you have no other way. We have been in the market for more than a decade now. With the help of our experience and knowledge we understand every single point that is important when choosing the insurance company. For instance, some of the companies may charge additional amount on windshield replacement exceeding certain amount. This helps you in foreseeing all the unexpected situations at the time when you require the value of your money most, i.e. at the time of claim, and make the perfect selection.

Not only this, we also stand with you at all times, even if you have not got the insurance from us. Yes, you have read it correct. Even if you have not got the insurance from us, feel free to contact us for full support in order to expedite your claims from start to end. Ensuring swift roadside assistance, quick claim request preparation, follow ups on your claims and ensuring timely delivery of your car to you is our responsibility. Some of the benefits you get with us are mentioned here. You can get in touch with us or speak to one of our experts for further understanding. Even simpler, let us call you back.

Bonus with My Car Insurance

Like your car's dashboard where you have all the essential controls within your reach at all times, we have designed our simple and user-friendly dashboard giving you access to all your car insurance related needs. Get access to your policy and its details along with Insurance Companies emergency contact numbers. Request a callback for not-so-important queries and keep track of the status. You can also keep track of your total cashback earned can even redeem it from within the dashboard.

We've launched the first phase where some paperwork is required on your end. But very soon we will eliminate all the hard copies on your end and will make the entire processes 100% paperless. All the tedious task of documentation with the insurance companies will be our responsibility. For you, everything will be from within your own dashboard.

Since we have good reputation within the industry, therefore most of the garages love to be listed with us. This way you will have access to all our partner garages in real time saving you time, resources and money to get the best service.

You can opt to get coverage beyond the UAE with zero additional cost in most of the cases. In a few cases you may be required to pay a little extra to get the best value of this benefit.

In most of the cases you can get this coverage without any additional cost. Enjoy going off-road for adventure with your family and friends and feel covered. In some cases, you may have to pay a little extra for this benefit.

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